Chicken Wire Mesh - Galvanised & PVC Coated

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  • Chicken Wire PVC Coated 25mm

    19g PVC Coated Chicken Wire – 1″ ( 25mm ) holes

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  • Galvanised Chicken Wire Mesh 25mm

    Chicken Wire Mesh – 1″ (25mm x 25mm) holes

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  • Chicken Wire – 1 1/4” (31mm x 31mm) holes

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  • Chicken Wire 50mm

    Chicken Wire – 2″ (50mm x 50mm) holes

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  • Chicken Wire PVC Coated 50mm

    19g PVC Coated Chicken Wire – 2″ ( 50mm ) holes x 39″ height x 50 metres

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  • Chicken Wire 13mm

    Chicken Wire – 1/2″ (13mm) holes

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Showing all 6 results

Fed up with cheap chicken wire mesh that is difficult to work with? We specialise in heavy duty chicken wire that lasts.

What is chicken wire used for?

Wire mesh is suitable for all kinds of chicken enclosures (ie, chicken houses, chicken coops, chicken run panels, chicken fence panels) and also for industrial chicken wire fence situations, there’s alot you can do with a roll of chicken wire. Galvanised mesh can also be used by artists for Papier Mâché sculptures.

Where to buy chicken wire?

From us! We stock wire with a wide range of hexagonal mesh hole size and in different wire gauges, widths and lengths.

Galvanised Chicken Wire

Galvanised wire mesh is a popular and cost effective galvanised fencing product when building a long lasting galvanised chicken run or chicken wire frame for fencing.

PVC Coated Chicken Wire

A popular and cheap chicken mesh, PVC wire netting, also known as plastic coated chicken wire, is suitable for many uses in both D.I.Y and industrial situations. PVC coated with galvanised wire under. A wide range of widths are accompanied by a variety of hexagonal hole sizes and a number of different lengths.

Wire Mesh FAQ’s

What is chicken wire mesh?

Chicken wire is usually galvanised wire, but it can be PVC coated, the hole in the mesh comes in various sizes and is hexagonal. Chicken wire is also available made from a range of wire diameters, varying heights and lengths.

How to cut chicken wire?

Wire mesh can be cut on a mechanical guillotine or with either bolt cutters or tin snips.

What is galvanized wire mesh?

Wire in a grid shape spot welded at the intersections and galvanised after production to prevent rusting.

Can rabbits chew through wire mesh?

Rabbits can not chew through steel wire mesh.

Can you paint wire mesh?

Wire mesh can be painted with most paints.