Nickel Chrome Wire

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Nickel alloy wires hold many key characteristics. They are well known for their strength, high corrosion resistance, the ability to perform under high temperatures and excellent electrical resistance. Available in various alloys these nickel products have been produced for springs, furnaces, aerospace, the oil industry and many more.

Nichrome 80-20
Nichrome 60-16
Nichrome 37-18
UNS NO6003
UNS NO6004
Nickel Chrome 80/20
Nickel Chrome 60/16
Nickel Chrome 37/18
One of the UK’s leading suppliers of Nickel Chrome 80-20

SpoolsTo customers requirements
Coils0.50 kg coils through to 100+
Cut Lengths10 mm to 10 metres
Available in
Round Wire0.08 mm (0.00315”) to 12.00 mm (0.472” dia.)
Profile WireUp to 45 mm² area in any shape

                        Nickel Chrome Wires for Thermal Spraying / Welding & Hot Cutting Wires