Animal Enclosure in Blue with Clear Waterproof Roof


Animal Enclosure in Blue with Clear Waterproof Roof


This run is made from 7 of our standard 6ft x 3ft panels, 1 door panels and 2 clear PVC plastic waterproof roof panels.

Panels size is 184cm x 94cm approx. Roof panels are made slightly larger to sit on top of run.

This makes a run approximately 6ft x 6ft and slightly taller than 6ft with the slope on the roof.

16G 1″ Wire mesh is fox / dog proof and cat safe.

Please beware using thinner wire with cats as they can cut themselves when climbing it.

Made using 2″ x 2″ pressure treated timber which is then hand paint with animal friendly blue wash paint for a stylish finish.

This run comes with clear PVC plastic roof that has been mounted onto one of our wire mesh roof panels. This means the run is completely enclosed.

This is perfect to keep in pets that can fly, climb or jump high while at the same time keeping them dry.

These panels come flat packed but are easy to fix together. Please contact us if you would like an instruction sheet emailed to you.

This is only an example of how our panels can be laid out. As the panels are standard size the door can sit in any position.

We can make these items to bespoke sizes. Please contact us for a quote.

Please contact us with any enquiries:

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Weight70 kg