Animal Run with Raised Sleeping Box




Spacious Animal run with a large raised sleeping box on the back 6ft wide, 12ft long and 6ft tall.

This run is perfect for animal living out on those not so nice days.

A full boarded back 3rd to protect from the rain and wind with a spacious sleeping box for warmth or shade and shelter.

It’s made using our 16G 1″ wire that is fox/dog proof and cat safe. This means it would not hurt cats paws if they were to climb it like thinner mesh would.

This one is made with a completely waterproof roof but if better suited this could come with a waterproof roof over the sleeping box and the rest to be open mesh to let in the sunshine. Message us for a quote for this.

The large door on the box makes for easy cleaning and provides the perfect place to put a bed for your pet for them to have a little privacy.

If you would like something similar to this or you need different sizes please contact us for a quote:

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Weight75 kg