Chicken Coop CC046 ( 2 to 4 hens )


Chicken Coop CC046


Poultry House & Extended Run

Access door to house



Pull out cleaning tray

Nest Box

Sliding pop hole door

Access side door to run

Lift up roof on run

Suitable for 3-6 Hens

Great housing for all small animals


House Width – 70.5cms (28″)

House Width (with overhangs) – 76cms (30″)

House Length – 70cms (27.5″)

House Length (with overhangs) – 76cms (30″)

House Height – 104cms (41″)

Run Width – 70.5cms (28″)

Run Width (with overhangs) – 75cms (29.5″)

Run Length – 140cms (55″)

Run Height – 103cms (40.5″)

Nest Box Length – 57cm (22.5″)

Nest Box Length (with overhangs) – 59cms (23″)

Nest Box Depth – 43cms (17″)

Nest Box Height – 41cms (16″)

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Weight2500 kg