Cut & Looped Baling Wire, 14ft long


Black Annealed Cut & Looped Baling wire, 3 day delivery, next day available on request



Cut and looped baling wire are single loop bale ties supplied in 25kg bundles, low carbon black annealed mild steel or galvanised finish. Usually 3mm diameter, and available in a range of lengths. We can supply other diameters and lengths on request. Wire Shop also supply baling wire in rewound coils and 500Kg Coils. Our baling wire is suitable for the smallest baler up the the largest presses producing mill size bales. Our baling wire is manufactured on the latest wire drawing machines with strict quality controls, the wire is then annealed in batch furnaces with careful attention to the temperature and time to produce a wire with a tensile range of 340-430 N/mm2, and the other mechanical properties needed for the perfect baling wire.

The baling wire can then be further processed through high speed cut and loop baling wire machines or rewound in to 25kg or 45kg coils. these two variants can be supplied in 1 tonne pallets, half tonne pallets of even 250Kgs.

The raw material for baling wire is Hot Rolled Wire Rod from the steel rolling mills, we only use wire manufactured from quality assured wire rod and stipulate type Bo4 or SAE 1006 or equivalent.

Our products are well packaged in order that they arrive in prime condition and ready to use in your operations. We use recognised couriers for smaller batches and larger loads are dispatched by Haulage companies we have worked with for many years who deliver the wire in perfect condition.

Wire Shop also supply a diverse range of other wire types ranging from Stainless Steel, Nichol Crome, Brass and Copper. Welded mesh and agricultural wire fencing are supplied along with a larger range of agricultural pens along with Aviaries and enclosures for the smallholder and people needing a place to keep their pets safe.

In Short, Wire Shop for all your Wire requirements

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Weight1500 kg