Light Stock Wire Fencing


Galvanised light stock fencing. Hinge jointed wire fencing suitable for all types of stock but mainly used for sheep, pigs, cattle and horses.

Hot dip galvanised to PN-EN ISO 1461 standard. This is the light wire roll, top wire is 14g (2mm), inner wire is 16g (1.6mm).



Product Code: L6/60/15

pig fence - L6-60-15
L6-60-15 sizes


Product Code: L8/80/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L8-80-15
L8-80-15 sizes


Product Code: L8/100/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L8-100-15
L8-100-15 sizes


Product Code: L9/120/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L9-120-15
L9-120-15 sizesStock Fencing


Product Code: L15/120/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L15-120-15
L15-120-15 sizes


Product Code: L20/145/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L20-145-15
L20-145-15 sizes


Product Code: L23/200/15

Stock Wire Fencing - L23-200-15
L23-200-15 sizes

Additional information

Weight34 kg